Storytelling at Gimnasio Vermont

The storytelling season for elementary and high school students was held from April 20th to the 26th. Gimnasio Vermont students had the pleasure to be entertained by Barry Stewart Mann, a professional in the art of oral storytelling. His stories, expertise, and charisma delighted everyone from students, teachers, and administrators. 

The elementary school children enjoyed stories from different corners of the world. Africa, China, and the Americas were present in the stories that connected our students with oral traditions, emotions, and entertainment. Besides, Barry established a strong bond with his audience through puppets, chants, images, and performances among different resources. 

Moreover, our high school students were taken on a journey through Shakespeare’s works of comedy and tragedy. Students were in awe of the comedic value that Barry brought to his stories and were engaged from the very beginning.  

Thanks to Barry’s unique way of storytelling, students became a part of his stories through performing, demonstrating, and puppeteering.  The show was full of dynamism and charm as it captivated students. He generated a reflection on reading and books which are invaluable treasures of each culture, where creativity, wisdom and imagination flourish every time their stories are told.