Privacy notice

In compliance with Statutory Law 1581 of 2012 on data protection and concordant regulations, this privacy notice is intended to inform the owner about the treatment to which the data stored in our databases will be subjected and to inform if these will be subject to transmission and/or transfers to third parties. The treatment conditions are as follows:

  1. THE COLEGIO GIMNASIO VERMONT S.A. identified with NIT 860058553-1, with address in the city of Bogotá at Calle 195 # 54 – 75, with email and telephone 5185757, will be responsible for the processing of your personal data.
  2. In order to receive comprehensive customer service, the personal data collected will be processed for the following purposes: administrative management, internal statistics management, customer management.
  3. It is optional to provide information about sensitive data, understood as those that affect privacy or generate some type of discrimination, or about minors.
  4. The owner’s data processing policy, as well as the substantial data produced in it, can be consulted at the following email or through the website: http://www.

The owner can exercise the rights of access, correction, deletion, revocation or claim for infringement of their data with a letter addressed to COLEGIO GIMNASIO VERMONT, to the email address indicating in the subject the right that you want to exercise; or by standard mail to Calle 195 # 54 – 75 Bogotá.