Road Safety

Strategic Road Safety Plan Policy

The Gimnasio Vermont community: employees, school transportation service providers, parents, students and other members, in their role as passengers, drivers and pedestrians, are aware of compliance with the regulations established in the National Land Traffic Code of Colombia and the application of the provisions on principles of safety, quality, preservation of a healthy environment and protection of public space.

At GIMNASIO VERMONT SCHOOL S.A. we are committed to the prevention of accidents on the road during the development of transport activities, complying with current legislation, contractual conditions, requirements regarding conditions of vehicles and drivers, to guarantee safe routes, strict control, promotion to all road stakeholders and continuous improvement of the road safety strategic plan.

Senior Management Commitment to the Strategic Road Safety Plan
Signage and Demarcation Policy
Policy of socialization and updating of information
Driving Hours and Rest Time Regulation Policy
Seat Belt Policy
Speed Regulation Policy
Alcohol, cigarette and psychoactive substance consumption policy