At Gimnasio Vermont, the teachers constitute human capital as a fundamental value to achieve excellence in the training processes and in the academic results of the students. We conceive the teacher as a model of principles and values for their students, who appropriate them in the course of their school life. Teachers, according to their professional suitability, instill a passion for their discipline, and through it, the student establishes a strong bond with the subject and with their teacher, which can become decisive when exploring their vocation.

Profile of our teachers

As an institution we are highly selective when hiring a teacher. Once they enter the school, they begin a process of strengthening pedagogical skills and enriching their discipline, through cooperative work with the head of the department and the members of their team. Likewise, after working for two years, Gimnasio Vermont offers them the possibility of financing their specialization or master’s studies.

The leadership of the Department Heads is characterized by innovation, the permanent evaluation of the curriculum and the research process in which, year after year, the possibilities of change and of glimpsing new pedagogical and scientific horizons are increased, in accordance with the advancement of science and other disciplines. The quality of such leadership is one of the keys to success at Gimnasio Vermont. The department heads promote cooperative work, exchange of ideas, projects and dreams, and it is through academic dialogue that a high-level intellectual environment is built between the departments.

Professional Learning Communities

In the Professional Learning Communities of Gimnasio Vermont, led by the Vice Prinicipal’s Office, the teacher shares the pedagogical dialogue with colleagues from other departments of the level, to articulate knowledge in the interdisciplinary work that has the purpose of integrating the perspective of the students on the problems that arise every day. For this reason, one of the factors that guarantees the quality of education at Vermont is the permanence of teachers, who align their life project with the institutional educational project. In this way, a first-rate professional team is consolidated.