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The Union of International Schools UNCOLI is a non-profit association, unrelated to any political or religious activity.

Its primary objectives are the following:

1) Serve its member schools as a forum to share and exchange ideas and projects in the field of education.

2) Integrate its members through the organization of sporting, cultural, academic, research and social events that go beyond the borders of each institution and promote the improvement of educational quality.

3) Represent and serve the educational interests of the affiliated schools, prioritizing the educational purpose in each of its objectives and activities.

4) Promote among its member associations the development of elements that identify and express its international character.


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Red PaPaz is a non-profit corporation created in February 2003 by a group of volunteer fathers and mothers, who donate their time and experience, determined to contribute to the formation of a society in which both parents, public institutions, and private companies, are aware of their role as builders of values for children and youth and act accordingly. To this end, it promotes the increasingly broad and active participation of Colombian fathers and mothers in social and legal decisions that affect children and young people.

The constitution of Red PaPaz as a civil society group committed to improving the environment in which Colombian children and youth grow and develop, is based on the integration of a broad network of fathers and mothers through educational institutions, our societies’ parents’ associations, and other social formators such as the media, the entertainment industry, the authorities and government institutions and other entities that have a social responsibility towards the construction of the cultural environment.