Departament of Mandarin

Gimnasio Vermont began teaching Mandarin as a third language in 2009 in the 3rd and 4th grades of elementary school, given the preponderance that China has in the concert of nations and the leading role in the global economy.

Thinking about the new challenges that education brings us in the globalized world and the possibility of benefiting from the advantages that this implies, Gimnasio Vermont implemented the teaching of the Mandarin language “pǔtōnghuà” (普通話/ 普通话 as of 2009. The program starts in second grade and ends in ninth grade. In tenth and eleventh grade the subject is an elective.

Is learning Mandarin important?

Mandarin is spoken today by about 1.5 billion people in the world, which means a competitive advantage for our students. Speaking this language will open the doors to the enormous possibilities that the use of Mandarin will represent in the coming years for their professional studies, work and for commercial exchange.

Official certification of the Confucius Institute

The Confucius Classroom of Gimnasio Vermont is part of the  Confucius Institute of Andes University ,which certifies us to officially offer Mandarin as a third language. Thanks to this alliance, the Hanban Institute grants scholarships to our students in 9th grade. Likewise, Gimnasio Vermont is a certified center for the administration of the HSK and HSKK exams (official exams of the Mandarin language).

Our team

The Department is made up of native teachers and teachers from other countries, who have a master’s degree in teaching Mandarin as a foreign language and a vast knowledge of Chinese culture and history.

International travel

Trip to China

In 7th grade, the students at Gimnasio Vermont have the spectacular opportunity to travel to China to visit the cities of Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu, Guilin, Hangzhou and Shanghai for a month. Also, enjoy the great landmarks of culture such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, the Terracotta Warriors and the multiple shows offered by this culture.

For two weeks, students have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of Mandarin at  North China University of Technology.

Gimnasio Vermont signed an agreement with a sister school: Beijing No.2 School, in which they have the opportunity to meet the students of this institution.

Hanban Scholarships

The Chinese government offers seven scholarships for the best Mandarin students who finish ninth grade, which allows them to participate in the summer school at Nankai University in Tianjin city. Upon completion of their studies, students have opportunities to apply for scholarships to earn their bachelor’s degree at a university in China.