Department of Visual Arts

“Art consists of celebrating, singing and carrying out beauty” Balthus

What do we do?

The Art Program at the school runs from preschool to eleventh grade. Thus, each student who graduates from Gimnasio Vermont will be a part of an artistic experience at at every stage of their school life, learn about the evolution of art through the different cultures of humanity, express their feelings and develop their creativity thanks to the diversity of techniques learned in their classes.

How do we do it?

Students internalize art by exploring and searching for different possibilities to express their feelings, emotions and understanding of reality. Their first artistic approaches become expressions of their inner world. Later, they will come into contact with a wide range of resources, techniques and aesthetic currents that will awaken in them the necessary creativity to capture them in their works.

These works, made term by term and which are exhibited in the school facilities, surprise the visitor by the display of imagination and creativity. In this way, art at Gimnasio Vermont is a stage that supports the subjective, expressive, reflective and divergent processes.

We focus on developing in students: creativity, exploration and investigation as an essential part of the creation of their artistic projects.

Research: Part of the training that children receive is the possibility of coming into contact with the evolution of the arts in the history of humanity, through the study and analysis of the works, artistic movements, theories, interviews, questions and the art journal.

Exploration: Children have at their disposal an assorment of materials, a variety of previously presented techniques and forms such as provocations, paintings, drawings, digital media, printmaking, writing, ceramics, construction, modeling and unconventional materials (recycled materials).

Projects: The student, at the end of the process, produces an aesthetic work that is socialized in collective exhibitions.

Exhibitions and events


Students from all sections participate in the three exhibitions that are held at the end of each term. Another wonderful opportunity is putting the work of Gimnasio Vermont students in context at the Uncoli Art Festivals, in which all the association’s schools participate.

IB Art Program

On the other hand, our students, according to their vocation, have the possibility of choosing the option to deepen their art knowledge through the IB Art Program. With the 2020 – 2021 class, the Gimnasio Vermont had the chance to venture into this option. Ópera prima was the result of the process of inquiry, introspection, creation and deep exploration of these students. This subject guaranteed those who saw in art or related careers the possibility of enhancing their talent and conceiving themselves as artists during their university education.

Arts festival

The scenography for the Arts Festival is the result of the collective work of the students, which they carry out in their art classes, in accordance with the assembly proposal, under the leadership of their teachers and around the search for a sense of the scenes that make up the play.

Year after year, this emblematic festival of Gimnasio Vermont has delighted the public with memorable musicals such as “A bridge of Magpies” in 2015; the “Pena Andaluza” in 2016; “MamaQuilla and the six elements” in 2017; “Colombia today” in 2018, and “Cinderella” in 2020.