Coeducation with a gender perspective

Gender studies in education, our research and experience since 1997, have allowed us to corroborate that boys and girls learn differently because they have differentiated processes of maturation, learning styles, interests, abilities and motivations specific to each gender. For these reasons, we implement the appropriate pedagogical strategy in the classroom, according to gender.

Based on this premise, Gimnasio Vermont designed a coeducation with a gender perspective program, in which boys and girls receive their classes in separate classrooms; Based on this approach, specific strategies, that respond to the institutional curriculum, are generated for them. At the end of the process, along parallel but not identical paths, students obtain optimal academic results.

Likewise, by sharing other spaces of school life: school buses, breaks, lunch, cultural, scientific, sports, artistic, recreational activities and extracurricular activities, among others, which spontaneously and naturally favor processes of the development of social and interpersonal skills between boys and girls. These spaces and situations offered by the school, enhance their talents and abilities in the interaction with the other. In this way, the role of the school is favored in the process of generating respectful, affectionate and equitable relationships among them, in accordance with the reality of the 21st century.

Other opportunities that consolidate the interaction are present in the pedagogical outings: national and international, which, in accordance with the program established by the school, allow them, for days, weeks or a month, to live integration experiences that strengthen their interpersonal skills with the other and memorable moments of pleasant remembrance.

In turn, in the traditional  Festival of lhe Arts in the theater festivals, the following are articulated:

Around music, boys and girls consolidate the orchestra, the bands and the choir. Previous classes and ensembles are an excellent opportunity for them to share their passion and love for their instrument and music. Also in the dances, in the choreography which requires the work of a couple and a group. Female and male characters are represented in the theatrical production. And boys and girls participate equally in the creation of the scenery. Experience that they also live in theater festivals.

No less important is the interaction in other scenarios such as the United Nations Model (VMUN), the Euromodel and the democratic participation in the School Government (Student Body President, Student Council, Community Committee, among others) and other activities of the International Baccalaureate Program.

Special celebrations of school life such as GV Day, Easter Bunny, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

This relationship between boys and girls is part of the humanistic vision of the school that promotes the meeting of men and women who value and respect difference.

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