Field trips

The field trips at Gimnasio Vermont are experiences that go beyond the boundaries of the classroom and place the student in direct contact with other spaces and/or realities, that are the object of study in order to broaden their view of multiple learning possibilities.

Each field trip implies work before, during and after, in which curricular articulation processes are promoted and established; the different subjects are integrated and provide concepts, skills and content to deepen the knowledge of different environments, landscapes , societies and cultures.

Field trips at Gimnasio Vermont

We categorize the field trips according to the stage of the children’s development and the destination to comply with planning roadmaps, safety and all the elements that make this experience indelible in the memories of our students and that lasts throughout their school life.

Local field trips: Our mission is to visit those spaces that are in our city and our department, and that sometimes we do not know, to reflect, value and enjoy our immediate environment.

Where do we go?

We have gone to:

  • Urban tour of the center of Bogotá
  • Luis Ángel Arango Library
  • Julio Mario Santo Domingo Library
  • Urban routes: South of Bogotá. Transmilenio Paradise Station.
  • Monserrate Hill.
  • Gold Museum
  • District Planetarium.
  • Botanical Garden.
  • Other.

National educational outings: We get to know some regions of our country, its geography, its climate, its culture, its people and we live experiences that allow us to value the diversity of the territory and the multiple riches of Colombia.

Where do we go?

In our map of Colombia we have walked through:

  • Cundinamarca: Guatavita Lagoon, Nemocón Salt Mine, Sutatausa and Guacheneque Moorland (source of the Bogotá River).
  • Boyacá: Villa de Leyva, Tota Lagoon and Monguí.
  • Huila: Tatacoa Desert, Upper Magdalena Valley, Villavieja and San Agustín.
  • Tolima: Honda, Mariquita y Armero.
  • Santander: Barichara, Puente Nacional, Panachí and Cueva de la Vaca.

We still have many paths to discover in our country.

International field trips

Our challenge is to train ourselves as citizens of the world. We visit Canada with the STEM camp, China with a cultural and deepening visit to Mandarin as a global language and the United States when we go to Vermont to communicate in English. Before leaving the country we prepare with our pre-camps.

What is a pre-camp?

The pre-camps are learning spaces where we prepare ourselves, students, parents and teachers for an international outing. This space was born in 2016 from the needs of the Summer Camp in China with the participation of 65 students and today it is a space longed for by the students of each class.

Educational sports outings: We participate in tournaments, national and international sports spaces in which we promote sports as a lifestyle.