Class of 1958. From left to right: Raquel Fernández Lafaurie, María Isabel Garcés Venegas, Joyce Townsend Prieto, Elena Jacobsen, Alicia Rodríguez Salgado, Francina Fernández Lafaurie, Margarita Mantilla Álvarez y Gloria Vidales Oviedo.

Gimnasio Vermont strengthens and tightens the bond and communication with its graduates. To this end, the school is in permanent contact with its alumni through the Vermont Alumni Group on Facebook, through which we keep them informed about the institution’s news and progress, general information, events and activities.

This group serves as a bridge of communication with entities or companies that request professionals for their employment at a work, social, educational, cultural and recreational level.

Alumni Testimonies

“I have prolonged in time the achievements of ‘my School’ Our Lady of Peace to which I enrolled in 1947 and from which I graduated in 1957 in the Second Class”.

Maria Elvira Uribe, Class of 1957

“I am proud to be an Alumna of this wonderful school formerly called Our Lady of Peace”.

Yolanda Álvarez, Exalumna

“In this school we form a beautiful chain of memories and friendships”.

Blanca Noel , Exalumna