Quality Management

Quality Policy

Meet the expectations of parents, students and other members of the community, through the collective construction of the Institutional Educational Project, in order to provide quality education, according to the individual characteristics of each person with the Gimnasio Vermont student profile. To this end, strategies are designed that promote the continuous improvement of educational and administrative processes, and the proper management of resources, ensuring compliance with institutional goals.

Quality Certification

The Quality Management System at Gimnasio Vermont provides solid tools to the entire educational community to carry out the planning, execution, verification and constant evaluation of processes and procedures. In addition, it proposes corrective and improvement actions, in order to achieve, year after year, a continuous growth in the quality of the educational service.

To fulfill this purpose, two sessions are held annually: one for Internal Audit and the other for External Audit, from which the respective feedback is given to correct, improve or redesign those aspects of the process that warrant it.

Since June 2007, the original certification was obtained by Bureau Veritas Certification, its objective was to evaluate our system, in accordance with the NTC ISO9001 standard, whose scope is the “Provision of preschool, basic and secondary education services. Food services and school transportation.”

Our Quality Certificate has the following recognitions: ONAC National Accreditation Body CO19.02178 and UKAS International Certificate CO19.00265/U, which is the United Kingdom Accreditation Service.

Having achieved this certification is a big step; In these years we have verified that, fortunately, this path is infinite. Our goal is to do things well and rigorously follow a route towards the continuous improvement of educational processes to guarantee the full satisfaction of the entire educational community: parents, students, teachers, and administrative and service personnel.