GV Library

In-person or virtual office hours from Monday to Friday: 7:40 a.m. – 3:30 pm.

The Gimnasio Vermont Library offers services and resources consistent with the Institutional Educational Project and the school program of the International Baccalaureate Diploma, as an academic proposal in operation for all grades. In addition, we implement an upgrade and growth plan (facility, collections) in accordance with the school’s quality policy.

Where is the library headed?

  • We develop an integrated but autonomous plan with optimal quality for students, directors, heads of department, teachers and administrators.
  • We respond to the commitment to the educational community of the International Baccalaureate
  • We provide users with physical and intellectual access to materials in some formats and in all areas of knowledge.
  • We promote teaching and learning spaces for students in order to maximize their cognitive, ethical, creative, emotional and physical development within the Institution’s environment with reading and writing stimulation workshops.

Destiny discover

It is of vital importance for the Library Department to use the Destiny Discover Program, where the bibliographic materials, that have been selected in accordance with the professional and regulatory criteria of the Academic and Administrative Department Heads, are registered. Throughout several years of work, we consulted the resources offered by nationally and internationally recognized Bookstores and Publishers, as well as the literary proposals for teaching at the International Book Fair in Bogotá.

We consolidated a collection of 37,263 books for the Vermont Community.

This program collects links to open access multimedia resources, and online educational material that is constantly updated and verified.

EBSCO, eBooks

For virtual access, the school acquired through the library, the subscription to the EBSCO full-text database: advanced placement source, premier academic source, teacher reference center, ebook academic collection (ebscohost), ( more than 170,000 ebooks) in English and a base in Spanish to once again confirm support for IB elementary and high school students in the production of inquiry and research results, monographs and degree projects.


It is a Latin American digital library created to consult, from home, informative and literary books, in Spanish and English; offers playful workshops, complementary activities and interactive resources for students, with the accompaniment of the teacher. This library started in Argentina, Mexico and Colombia simultaneously.

In addition, it contains autonomous readings that allow up to 80 simultaneous accesses to the same title.

The Department of Spanish and Literature advanced the selection of 100 complete books for elementary and high school.